Real Results

Teachers, principals, and district administrators all love the REAL School Gardens program, and the REAL results we achieve!

Sharon Hurd

“All the kids benefit from this garden, the special ed kids, the “gifted” kids, everybody loves it.  It’s so hands on,they all get to see it feel it and touch it and that engages everybody.”

Sharon Herd – Special Education teacher 


Silverman Tererros


"The garden reaches across all subject areas.  I teach math with perimeter and areas, as well as science.  We have seen the results when children learn through hands-on activities, their overall knowledge and test scores increase.” 

Silverman Terreros – Third Grade Teacher Dorcas Kassebaum



"The pictures of students in our garden engaged in learning say so much.  You can see students investigating with hand lenses or thermometers, measuring with rulers, counting, or kneeling on the sidewalk with their journals recording findings.  Thanks REAL School Gardens!"

Dorcas Kassebaum - Special Education Teacher


Carla Ganger



 "The Real School Gardens program makes a big difference at the district level. 

I look at each individual school where there’s a garden, and installing a garden gives that school another classroom, one that offers much more than a teacher or a student can do in the classroom. 

I would tell anybody in any district, any principal, any administrator, any teacher, if you have the opportunity to get a REAL school garden in your school, just do it.    Don’t hesitate.  It will be the best thing to expand your school no matter where you are. This will be the best enhancement to your school, to add to academics, to add to character building to add to your teachers’ professional growth.  Just apply for one and you’ll see.  It’ll be the best thing you can do for your schools."

Carla Ranger -- District 6 Trustee - Dallas Independent School District - DISD

 Johnnie Douglas

 "Our REAL school garden is a hands-on classroom that gives my kids a variety of skills. My students gather data on water temperature, comparing indoor and outdoor samples, and they love using the rain gauge to calculate rainfall.  Older kids consider it an honor to to be in the Garden Club or assist for garden duties, and they're eager to show how responsible they can be.   I highly recommend REAL School Gardens to all teachers because the children are excited to learn outdoors and it's not just about garden activities, it helps you teach any of your lessons. Outdoors really motivates the students because they enjoy the atmosphere so much!

Johnnie Douglas-Gordon, Classroom Teacher, 3rd Grade, Math/Science


Ana Treviso

 I love the hands on learning that goes with the REAL School Gardens program.  This year, my class grew onions, and we measured and charted their growth and made estimations on how big they'd get.  These are all critical applications of math in life.  The students were also thrilled when they tasted some of the dishes we prepared using their onions!  Parents were amazed that students wanted to start gardens at home.

Ana Treviso, Teacher Assistant Bilingual Prekindergarten


 Shuntrice Rhodes

"I think that every school should have a REAL School Garden because it allows the children to have a real-life hands-on connection to nature. My students are able to watch the life-cycle of plants and see where their food comes from. I received lesson plans that lined up with our standards, and we had a lesson on Monarch butterflies and the kids can see how they interact with plants. We did lessons on geology and the kids were able to find sedimentary rocks. It makes a huge difference in their understanding. If every school had a REAL school garden, they’d notice how quickly their students learn and grow. It definitely improves their learning because they’re able to make real world connections.

Shuntrice Rhodes, 5th Grade Teacher