About Corporate Partnerships

REAL School Gardens helps companies create meaningful and long-term impact in their communities. In addition to producing REAL academic, health, and environmental results for students, corporate partners see long-term benefits of their own.

Employee Activation

Companies that invest in volunteer projects see healthier, happier, and more productive employees, and they’re better able to attract and retain talent, all of which helps achieve a better bottom line.

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Community Engagement

For corporate partners, we oversee a one-day turn-key community volunteer event, where employees work side-by-side with teachers, parents, and the students themselves.

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Business Booster

REAL School Gardens projects can be tailored to almost any brand or CSR goal. Education, children, health, sustainability, STEM, our learning gardens and training programs are sure to deliver. Many partners leverage our events to build brand affinity and support business development.

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Public Relations

Not only are these media-friendly events a great way to make a splash, but once complete, the REAL school garden and the teacher training program will make a long-lasting impact on schools, reaching thousands of families for years to some.

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