About School Partnerships

REAL School Gardens provides teachers with the tools and training they need to implement effective experiential lessons outdoors. Through multifaceted partnerships with elementary schools, we offer half-day, full-day, and one-on-one professional learning sessions proven to increase teacher effectiveness and job satisfaction while boosting student achievement. We offer schools everything they need to boost academic performance with hands-on outdoor lessons.

Professional Learning

Schools with existing learning gardens can begin our two-year Professional Learning Program immediately. Our instructional coaches lead the teaching staff through a robust series of group and one-on-one sessions to ensure the outdoor classroom gets daily use. Activate your school’s garden today.

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Outdoor Classroom Design & Build

For schools without a garden, we find funding partners and volunteers to help us build dynamic outdoor classrooms filled with teacher-friendly academic features. Then staff enter our hallmark Professional Learning Program.

Learn more about where we build outdoor classrooms.

Evergreen Support Program

After their initial partnership, schools can receive ongoing training and support. Teachers designated “Garden Coordinators” meet seasonally to receive new lesson plans, maintenance advice, and gardening supplies to help keep their school’s learning garden growing strong.

Learn how to achieve REAL Results.

Coaching Center

All of our school partners have access to our Coaching Center, a digital education platform, full of standards-based lesson plans and useful how-to videos. Teachers can sort lessons by grade, subject, and regional standard to help them make almost any lesson more effective outside.

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