Real Results

At REAL School Gardens, we keep an eye on our mission to grow successful students, so we  constantly review the latest data to see what’s working. When we run the numbers, the answer is clear. 
REAL School Gardens = REAL Results.

REAL School Gardens = More Successful Students

  • 15% test score increases
    • REAL School Gardens partner schools have seen standardized test score pass rates increase between 12% - 15%. Science scores saw the largest increases, placing students on a path for success in a professional job market that increasingly requires STEM skills.
    • When an independent research team isolated our impact, at least 1/3 of the standardized test score pass rate increases were proven to be a direct result of the REAL School Gardens Program.

  • 94% of Teachers Report Increased student engagement
    • 94% of teachers said the REAL School Gardens Program got their students more engaged in learning.
REAL School Gardens = More Effective Teachers
  • Teacher Effectiveness And Job Satisfaction Increases
    • After each training, teacher job satisfaction and effectiveness increases..
  • 90% better prepared
    • 90% of teachers reported that the REAL School Gardens Program made them better prepared to help their students succeed academically.
  • more time teaching outside
    • After completing just one year of the REAL School Gardens Program, our most recent group of partner schools saw 58% of their teachers using the garden regularly for academic instruction.  

REAL School Gardens = Healthier Happier Children
  • Additional studies show:
    • Hands-on lessons get students learning more and working better in groups.
    • After gardening, students know more about nutrition, and choose healthier snacks.
    • Gardening reduces symptoms of ADD and ADHD.
    • School gardens reduce student stress levels, and increase self-esteem, problem solving, motivation to learn, and interest in improving the environment.
REAL School Gardens = REAL Impacts
    • We've partnered with more than 100 schools.
    • 97% of the gardens we build are well-used and well-maintained long-term.  The first gardens we built 10 years ago are still growing strong and producing REAL results.
    • Our seasoned educators train approximately 600 teachers per year
    • Last year, we had 1,312 volunteers move 120 yards of soil, and almost 200 seating boulders.
    • 53,000 students have access to a REAL school garden every year
    • As part of our Smart Potatoes program, 3,000 kids grew 621 pounds of spuds for food pantries.
You can read more about our results in our white paper here.