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  • Tuesday, August 25, 2015 | Filed under

    REAL School Gardens is pleased to announce that we've been selected to participate in a contest to win pop-up "wall" display from National Trade Show Displays.

    This particular type of display would be an incredible boon to our organization, because so much of what we do focuses on how our learning gardens transform the educational environment.  When children step out of their classrooms and into one of our learning gardens, they're more interested in their lessons, more excited to learn and discover, more pleasant to their teachers and peers.  It's an exciting transformation to witness.

    However, most of the ...

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  • Wednesday, July 22, 2015 | Filed under

    We just met the lovely folks at The Education Facilities Clearinghouse out of George Washington University, who have lots of resources principals and school district administrators can turn to when thinking about how to improve school facilities.  If you're looking to renovate or expand your school, this should be your first stop for best practices.


    The development of safe, high-quality educational facilities is a critical element of success in meeting the social and academic needs of students at all levels, pre-K through higher education. The Education Facilities Clearinghouse (EFC) is dedicated to improving the places where students learn. ...

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  • Monday, July 20, 2015 | Filed under

    When Northrop Grumman partnered with REAL School Gardens, it seemed like a straightforward corporate social responsibility effort. 

    Tom Reese, who works with the Corporate Citizenship Team, said “Northrop Grumman supports STEM education, the environment, and giving back to the community, so a partnership with REAL School Gardens made perfect sense.” Little did he know they were about to create a lean, mean, gardening machine. 

     In addition to sponsoring a volunteer day where 30 employees enhanced an existing school garden by adding a weather station and cleaning up the vegetable beds, Northrop Grumman also hosted REAL School Gardens for an employee ...

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  • Wednesday, July 08, 2015 | Filed under

    100 garden-based educators and school food activists gathered in Broccoli, I mean Berkeley, CA, to learn about The Edible Schoolyard Project. Each day we collaborated in small cohorts to experience 3 different components of the program...Garden Classroom, Kitchen Classroom, and Administration. The founder, Alice Waters said, "Food is an academic subject." Some of the pictures and reflections below prove that planting and preparing food is not only an academic subject but it is also a life skill that is fundamental to building healthy habits both personally and collectively as a school community.

    You can see images from the training session here....

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  • Tuesday, June 09, 2015 | Filed under

      Pre-K students found that the garden was full of shapes.  One student found that the heart-shaped leaf from the bean plant stuck to her clothes.  So, this learning experience will stay in her heart. 
      This 4th grade journal shows how a scavenger hunt can act as a review at the end of the year or a baseline to see what your students know at the beginning of the year. Students use tools like thermometers, cloud viewers, hand lenses, magnets, and measuring tapes to learn with their hands not just their heads.  I was amazed by how many questions ...

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  • Wednesday, June 03, 2015 | Filed under

    REAL School Gardens is searching for a passionate, innovative educator in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area to play an active role in our mission to create learning gardens that grow successful students. This position will report to the Program Director.  View the printable PDF.


    •  Planning, scheduling, and delivering Professional Development
    •  Supporting special events and programming
    •  Writing lesson plans and modules in multiple content areas using the 5E instructional model
    •  Developing and cultivating relationships at the school level to ensure learning gardens are embedded in each school’s culture
    •  Encouraging and increasing school participation in regional programming, including events website, ...

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  • Monday, June 01, 2015 | Filed under


    Using the Life Science Trait Cards to help deepen student understanding of plant inherited traits and adaptations. Let students tape in real plants, so they can gain ownership in their learning.

    Before creating garden characters with natural objects collected in the garden, these kinder students practiced how to use the math symbols <, >, and =. 

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  • Wednesday, May 06, 2015 | Filed under

    Development Manager
    REAL School Gardens seeks a Development Manager in North Texas to support our mission to create learning gardens that grow successful students. This position reports to the Director of Development.

    • Researching and prospecting new individual and foundation donors
    • Soliciting individual major gifts and managing individual mail and electronic appeals
    • Managing grant writing calendar, proposal submissions, and reporting for foundations
    • Maintaining accurate database records for donors
    • Planning and executing fundraising events as needed
    • Supporting corporate fundraising, gift processing and other development administration
    • as needed

    Skills and Experience
    • Bachelor’s degree or higher
    • Minimum of five years individual and institutional ...

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  • Monday, April 13, 2015 | Filed under REAL Reflections


    Kinder students practiced more than, less than, and equal to using natural objects.

    Students also developed a garden character using these concrete manipulatives.

    A simple leaf helped introduce and engage 1st graders into fractional thinking. 

    Students demonstrated their understanding of the concept using sidewalk chalk and trash collected from around the garden.

    In 45 minutes most of the students left the outdoor classroom with a REAL experience of how to make fractions using their hands and their heart, not just their head. 

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  • Friday, March 27, 2015 | Filed under REAL Reflections


    This first grade journal demonstrates the scholars' understanding that living things depend on nonliving things in order to survive in the great cycle of life.

    We used natural plant resources to color, measured air temperature, and reviewed the properties of matter in this short experiential learning lesson.

    Ms. Alexander is seen here experiencing this writing lesson with her students. The garden is a natural wants us to read, write, and research her.

    Scholars worked in teams to explore and read plant labels. Students practiced being authors to help inform the school about their favorite plant....

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