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    Educators, families and community members worked together on Saturday, March 28, 2009 to install Birdville Elementary School’s garden.  Despite a cold day, all had smiles on their faces as they moved boulders, constructed planting beds and set up a compost area.  They constructed variously shaped beds along the garden’s curving walkway.  Scott Feille, REAL School Gardens’ Program Director, noted, “It is REAL School Gardens’ pleasure to work with this community to build their learning garden.  The educators here are so involved in their students’ learning and always focus on what is best for them.  Having a great outdoor space for ...

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    On February 10, 2009, students at Westcliff Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas were delighted to follow Clare Walker Leslie, noted naturalist, artist, author and educator, into their school garden.  Following Leslie’s lead, the students incorporated drawing into their journaling.  As they focused on noting and drawing the details of what they were seeing, the children realized how much there is to observe in a garden.  Leslie said, “We go outside and we don’t know what we’ll find.  And I’ve never met a child that wanted to go back inside.”  Later that day, Leslie spoke to educators, parents and community ...

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    Over 100 educators enjoyed the first-ever REAL People Networking event in Grand Prairie, Texas on April 16, 2009.  Hosted by Florence Hill Elementary School, the educators gathered in the school’s habitat (garden) for a light dinner and garden tours by student members of the school’s Green Team.  A delightful presentation by Jane Kirkland, author of several nature books, followed.  Several participants remarked that they felt uplifted and inspired after attending the event.  Thanks to all who made the event possible, especially those from Florence Hill ES! 

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    On Saturday, April 4, 2009, over 100 volunteers (parents, children, teachers and administrators) worked together to install the garden at Hubbard Heights Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas.  The installation culminated what was truly a community effort.  Scores of interested parents participated in the community design meetings to clarify how the school garden could meet their children’s needs.  And then, they helped with the installation.  All sorts of talents were put to good use—painting, stone moving, digging, planting, path building, and more.

    One of the parents said, “Thank you for helping give my children a garden.  My son comes home ...

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