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    On May 26, 2009 more than 200 people attended the REAL People Networking Event at Atwood McDonald Elementary School in Fort Worth, TX, and celebrated the successes experienced in REAL School gardens during the 2008-2009 school year.  Dozens of colorful garden display boards provided a glimpse into the wonderful moments when teaching and learning occurred in Fort Worth-area school gardens.  Many Atwood McDonald students volunteered at the event, welcoming guests to their school and touring visitors around their beautiful and bountiful garden. 

    During the evening’s program, educators shared their success stories in the garden and acknowledged how important the garden ...

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    At Morningside Elementary School our garden is brimming with wonderful fruits and vegetables - not to mention the most beautiful flowers to be found!

    As students tend the over acre garden they find they not only are growing plants, but are growing their character as well. The responsibility of caring for a garden plot carries over into other areas of our students' academic lives. As they learn that a plant needs certain things to thrive and survive, so do they! Every action (or lack of action) has a reaction in the garden - and that is a truth that is ...

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