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  • Monday, February 28, 2011 | Filed under Student Behavior , Science

    Well so much for the amazing, beautiful, soulful and sensory Zen walk attempted with Fort Worth ISD's Lowery Road kindergarten class. This is the story of our Zen walk failure where order and pleasure were diminished. Taking the science nature walk in the Western Cross Timbers schoolyard (with 5 year old students) we all became entranced with nature’s wonder and delight around us; birds were singing, flowers were blooming and the sun shone brightly.

    We chose no talking and decided to use our five senses to experience the world. After perambulating about the schoolyard for a time it was decided ...

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  • Wednesday, February 23, 2011 | Filed under School Garden Installation , School Garden Design , REAL Supporters

    RSG Program Director Scott Feille discusses Suzy Peacock's legacy at the Holiday Heights garden installation Feb 19           

    The kids at Holiday Heights Elementary School have a lot to look forward to.  With the installation of their new learning garden on Saturday, February 19, the almost 700 students at Holiday Heights gained an outdoor classroom complete with a pond, an earth science station, a large vegetable bed soon to be full of potatoes and onions, and a unique bird and butterfly habitat.  Beds of perennials and herbs arranged to resemble the petals of a flower surround a circular stone center and “stem” pathway. It’s sweet and simple, and it’s bound to become a community landmark.  But what ...

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  • Tuesday, February 22, 2011 | Filed under School Garden Installation , REAL Supporters

        ...for attending the Lipscomb Elementary School garden installation (Dallas ISD) and partnering with REAL School Gardens to support six outdoor classrooms across North Texas!  It was an inspiration to experience your interactions with the Lipscomb students, especially with the young lady who presented the earth worm.  Hearing her explain to you how worms help the soil and the plants and seeing the looks of recognition on your faces-the recognition that you are responsible for REAL life learning experiences for thousands of students for years to come-reminded me of my early experiences as a teacher in the garden with students.  ...

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  • Monday, February 21, 2011 | Filed under Student Behavior , Instructional Aids , Fine Arts

    The art teacher at Withers Elementary in Dallas, Jan Alexander, has it figured out… soil is art!  And soil is science… which means that science can be art.  Or is it that art can be science?

    Either way, Ms. Alexander has inspired me with her skillful integration of science, nature, and art in a way that makes the learning experience for her students beautifully academic.  One of the most prominently displayed boards in her classroom (besides the bright pieces of nature-inspired student work holding up the walls) is a poster board that declares boldly:  Can you ...

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  • Wednesday, February 16, 2011 | Filed under School Garden Installation , Community , REAL Supporters

    The school community of Harlean Beal Elementary in Fort Worth, TX received a brand new outdoor learning classroom on Tuesday, February 15, 2011.  Community volunteers, teachers, students, and a group of 30 corporate volunteers from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services “dug in” to install the outdoor classroom designed by Nancy Payne, Garden Designer for REAL School Gardens.  This outdoor classroom space features raised vegetable beds, perennial beds to attract butterflies, an earth science station, a birdhouse, a compost bin and a miniature bog.  Mercedes-Benz Financial Services employees contributed valuable manual labor and supplies to get these features in place ...

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  • Sunday, February 13, 2011 | Filed under Environmental Stewardship

    Roses are red, violets are blue, but this Valentine’s Day our students decided to go green!


    In a show of love for their school garden, fifth-graders at Dallas ISD’s William Lipscomb Elementary School are spending Valentine’s Day installing a new, high-tech, environmentally-friendly irrigation system in their outdoor classroom.

    With guidance from Dotty Woodson, Extension Program Specialist of Water Resources in Dallas County for Texas AgriLife Extension Service, the students are working side-by-side with parents, teachers and community members, improving their garden’s sustainability and learning about water conservation.

     "Projects like this one in our school garden give our students real-world lessons, not only in science but in environmental stewardship and respect ...

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  • Friday, February 11, 2011 | Filed under Health and Nutrition , Social Studies , Instructional Aids , Science , Fine Arts , Math

    On Tuesday evening February 8, thirty-five Garden Coordinators from the Birdville, Arlington and Fort Worth school districts came together at the REAL School Gardens office to share their love of potatoes. Dan Quayle, Vice President of the US in 1992, was not invited as he insisted on spelling potato with an “e” (potatoe). True story—inquire at “Google”.

    The agenda looked like this: Potato dinner, Potato story, Potato planting, Potato survey, Potato harvesting, Potato irrelevant information and Potato pickup. The Garden Coordinator meeting was arranged so that teachers could garner enlightenment to begin fertilizing and prepping the school garden beds to ...

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