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    Here's to Fort Worth Independent School District, one of our strongest partners since we first formed REAL School Gardens in 2003! Over 50 fourth grade science educators came out in March to be trained on a soil module that will be included in the district's online curriculum framework.  Mr. "V", Ellen Robinson, and myself had a great time planning the module and accompanying training, and we were overwhelmed by the positive responses.

    "This day got me back on track.  It reminded me of how much fun teaching can be."

    "I loved how a boring subject (like dirt/soil) could be ...

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    The Brickman Group (Southlake, Texas) is wonderful!  They had 6 volunteers that came and donated a full day of work-out of their own time-to prepare for the Foster Elementary garden installation.  We were very impressed with their quality of work and their volunteering team spirit.  They used their bobcat to dig out the soil and make a great soil berm for the children,  did all the edging for the entire garden, and dug out the pond!  Their help was invaluable!  Then, Todd Hopkins was back for the community-wide installation day!  THANK YOU!

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    Thanks to Dale (right) and Daniel (left) from Blooms Landcare for donating your time and expertise to get the Foster Elementary Garden installed last weekend!  The entry arbor looks great thanks to the two of you.  We know that this is a busy season for you, and your service to the community has not gone unnoticed!


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        This past Saturday, March 26, the kids at Foster Elementary in Arlington welcomed an exciting and important addition to their school community. Now when parents come to pick up their children and school busses pass by, they see a beautiful garden just behind the school’s fence, complete with a pond, an earth science station, and pathways leading to beds that will soon be lush with flowers and vegetables. Being new to the REAL School Garden family, this was my first garden installation. Driving up to the school Saturday morning, there were already way more people there than I ...

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    Although science often gets hailed as the best subject to teach outdoors, math is probably my favorite.  Students engage in mathematical calculations differently when they’re doing it to solve a problem about something they have observed or interacted with in the world outside.   Read on for a few examples of math lessons in the outdoor classroom—teacher tested, teacher approved. 


    At Ervin C. Whitt Elementary in Grand Prairie, first graders were working on measurement with nonstandard and standard units while comparing and contrasting items of varying lengths.  This was easy to accomplish in their outdoor classroom, ...

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    Look here, do you see it…right there in front of your nose; for the Earth and its inhabitants it’s the little things that count, these little things are the less seen. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm, all things upon the earth are needed and everything is intertwined in a dance of interdependency. The universe exists because it is in relationships with everything else, nothing exists in isolation.

    Students are most likely to zoom in their visual senses from the macro world to the micro world more readily than adults; they see better and they’re smaller so they’re closer to the ...

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    This past Monday, a group of REAL School Gardens staff was fortunate enough to attend a lecture by the renowned primatologist and conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall.  Dr. Goodall spoke to us about how she transformed from a girl who loved animals to a field scientist to a global environmental activist.   

    Lacking any formal training, Dr. Goodall relied purely on her passion for animals to take her from England to Africa and to help her find a job as a secretary for a famous paleontologist working there.  Through persistence, she pioneered the study of chimpanzees in the wild and had her first major scientific breakthrough when she discovered that ...

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    The people who attended REAL School Gardens’ community-building event on February 17 at Hexter Elementary in Dallas got to experience a learning garden in action—and in some pretty impactful ways.  The committed group of teachers, parents, and community members who champion the school garden movement across the country know that these gardens help boost academic achievement, social skills, and healthy lifestyle choices for kids.  But the event at Hexter really brought these ideas to life. 


    It began with a smoothie.  There were more than a few wary faces at the veggie smoothie station staffed by ...

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