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  • Friday, August 26, 2011 | Filed under Sustainability and Funding , Community , REAL Supporters


    Our organization simply would not exist without the support and generosity of individuals, corporations, and other organizations willing to make donations to support our work.

    This month, as we prepared to acquire the cool season seeds and transplants to distribute to our 81 partner schools across the Metroplex, we were given the opportunity to accept a donation from the local distributor of Botanical Interests seeds.


    The aesthetic appeal of our downstairs was significantly enhanced by the thousands of colorful seed packets spread out over the tables and piled up in bags and boxes.  Eric and Jeff took a ...

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  • Wednesday, August 24, 2011 | Filed under Community



    Freshly sharpened #2 pencils, pink erasers, a box of crayons, a pair of Scissors, a couple of glue sticks, a 12” ruler, a calculator, lined notebooks, pocket folders, and a lunchbox all packed into a brand new backpack can only mean one thing…it’s BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!!  


    There's Nothing in My Bag Today


    Today I did my math and science,

    I toasted bread.

    I halved and quartered.

    I counted, measured, used my eyes,

    and ears and head.

    I added and subtracted on the way,

    I used a magnet, blocks, and memory tray.

    I learnt about ...

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  • Friday, August 19, 2011 | Filed under Science





    We know that all life comes from the sun in that the energy from sunlight (the frequency spectrum of electromagnetic wave radiation) is energy converted into matter through plant tissues; eat your green vegetables and directly benefit from the transfer of this energy. This energy is distributed in the form of oxygen, protein and sugar to fuel life on Earth.


    Human blood and the green leaves of plants (chlorophyll) are nearly identical; plant life and human life are intrinsically linked. The similarity between human blood and chlorophyll is a symbiotic relationship between human kind and ...

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  • Friday, August 12, 2011 | Filed under School Garden Installation , School Garden Design , Social Studies , Instructional Aids

    Plastic knives marked with permanent marker, hand-made signs wrapped in a bag, printed informational sheets laminated and stapled to a stick; metal labels with words inscribed into soft aluminum; all of these have been tried as affordable and as-long-lasting-as-possible options for labeling the plants in a school’s garden.  They have all worked to varying degrees of longevity, but we are ready to try something new.

    After scouring the local nurseries for all existing plant label options, we settled on a kind that our friends at Redenta’s Garden have been using for years.  After Ruth Kinler, co-owner of Redenta’s, ...

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  • Wednesday, August 10, 2011 | Filed under Community


    Driving up to East Handley Elementary in Fort Worth, TX the casual observer might notice vines overtaking hundreds of feet of the chain link fence that encloses the school grounds.  A more careful observer-or one who is interested in plants-might notice that this species of lush suburban growth, vitis mustangensis, produces mustang grapes.  As it turns out, Principal Hill is familiar with the plant and used to make jelly from the fruit growing up in south Texas.  So, perhaps it was more than coincidence when a neighbor appeared in the school office one day last year bearing gifts-jars ...

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  • Friday, August 5, 2011 | Filed under Environmental Stewardship , Science


    For ages indigenous people throughout the world have celebrated the living planet in their mythology, modern man also sees the planet as “Mother Earth”. Scientists have described the ancient concept of the Earth as a living being as the Gaia hypothesis and scientific evidence is gaining ground that the whole Earth behaves as one giant organism, a living breathing being from which our life and breath comes. Gaian theory expresses that the Earth’s physical and biological systems, cycles and processes are bound together to form self regulation and self generation in which all actions are in a continual feedback ...

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  • Wednesday, August 3, 2011 | Filed under Community

    The momentum is truly gathering for the movement to get children learning and playing outdoors.  Joining the ranks of champions like First Lady Michelle Obama, Pope Benedict XVI recently lent his voice in support of connecting children to nature. Perhaps inspired by the beauty of his summer residence on the Mediterranean Coast, the Pope encouraged parents to "teach your children to see nature, respect and protect it as a magnificent gift that presents to us the grandeur of the Creator!"


    While remaining grounded in purposeful pedagogy and strategic planning, REAL School Gardens has always embraced the ways that ...

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