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  • Tuesday, October 23, 2012 | Filed under Health and Nutrition , Community

    Every fall, REAL School Gardens partners with GRACE Restaurant to provide students at several of our school partners in Fort Worth with a unique opportunity to grow, learn and eat together! This year, four of our Fort Worth schools are participating and have been growing dedicated crops of green beans, lettuce, carrots and Swiss chard to be transformed into a gourmet meal by award-winning chef, Blaine Staniford.

    Green bean plant

    Chef Staniford will be headed out to visit participating schools this week to check on the progress of his ingredients and to spend some time with the young growers who make this ...

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  • Tuesday, October 16, 2012 | Filed under Environmental Stewardship , Health and Nutrition , Science





    Walking through an elementary school I found the following quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson framed and hanging in the school hall “A weed is a plant whose virtue has not yet been discovered”. This means that of all the tools, foods, medicines and fibers that have been discovered from the world of plants called weeds, there are still new plants and new uses of the plants to discover.

    The student pictured above has samples of two weeds pulled from the school garden that were plants used historically as a flavoring, a spice and an edible food. ...

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  • Tuesday, October 9, 2012 | Filed under

    Educators and other professionals across sectors have likely experienced job-related training.  How much of it is awesome?  How much of it did you sit through thinking, "I could be grocery shopping!"  At REAL School Gardens we have participated in-and conduct a lot of-training.  So, we are always asking ourselves, "What makes training matter?"  For educators, research suggests the following:

    • Teachers train in teams (with other teachers they work with regularly)
    • Administrators participate in training alongside teachers.
    • Training is "on the job", situated in the context which teachers find themselves daily.
    • Opportunities to reflect on teaching practices with colleagues.
    • Coaching.  Having ...

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  • Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | Filed under Volunteering , School Garden Installation , School Garden Design , Community , REAL Supporters

    A recent assessment of student performance over the first six years of our program (2003-2009) showed that schools with a REAL School Garden had average passing rates on the Science TAKS test that were more than 5% higher than those without a learning garden.  The assessment was conducted by Professor Dale Boisso at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

    Before a school gets to benefit from their learning garden a lot has to happen!  For example, at William Cabell Elementary in Dallas, with generous donations from United Way and Bank of America, we are preparing their large courtyard for their ...

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