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  • Monday, April 30, 2012 | Filed under Environmental Stewardship , Science , Smart Potatoes

     Recipe for Garden Learning

    Fitzgerald Elementary School students have found a recipe to spark learning!  


    1 heaping helping of soil       A pinch of seeds      Rays of warm sun

    Rain shower(s)                    Flowers                 Butterflies



    Scoop up a heaping helping of soil, stir in a pinch of seeds, add a gentle rain shower, and bake in the rays of a warm spring sun until flowers bloom. Sprinkle with butterflies before serving. Serve generously to children with a side of humor and patience. Handle with care, a learning spark will yield enough teachable moments for everyone!

    Second graders at Fitzgerald Elementary School discovered ...

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  • Tuesday, April 17, 2012 | Filed under Student Behavior , Educators , Science , Smart Potatoes

    Our guest blogger, Angela Buffington, had the chance to spend part of a cloudy April morning with Ms. Porter's second graders at Fitzgerald Elementary School's learning garden in Arlington: 



    Holes in the potato plant leaves

    We observed potato plants and pieced together clues to solve a mystery. First, all the students' eyes surveyed the potato plants, quick to notice some stems were missing leaves! Students began to chatter as they noticed leaves with ragged edged holes. Several had figured out what must have happened and were eager to share. Hands shot up, and students exclaimed, "The leaves were ...

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  • Monday, April 16, 2012 | Filed under Community , REAL Supporters

    If you haven’t already heard it through the grapevine, a new “For Lease” sign at Old Firestation #5 has prompted us to make the news more official. In a few months, we are moving from one unique space which we have grown to love to another!


    This summer REAL School Gardens will re-locate to 1700 University Drive in Fort Worth, where we are looking forward to new offices and teacher training facilities provided to us by our friends at Botanical Research Institute of Texas.  We are excited that we will have space in the same building as the ...

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  • Thursday, April 12, 2012 | Filed under Environmental Stewardship , Health and Nutrition , Instructional Aids

    Most of us have caught wind of the "farm-to-table" concept.  Farmer's markets are abuzz with locavores, and many restaurants are now noting the noble, local origins of their ingredients with detailed menu descriptions.

    Withers Elementary Farmers Market

    Students at Harry C. Withers E.S. hold a farmer's market on campus with produce from the garden and the Dallas Farmer's Market.

    In North Texas, you can take advantage of farm-to-table opportunities by checking out any number of local markets like Cowtown Market, Dallas Farmer's Market, or White Rock Local Market and by visiting restaurants that source local food like Smoke, Blue Mesa ...

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  • Tuesday, April 10, 2012 | Filed under Environmental Stewardship , Educators , Community , Instructional Aids , Smart Potatoes

       "Ideas are not fixed and immutable elements of thought but are formed and re-formed through experiences...No two thoughts are ever the same, since experience always intervenes."

                                                                      -  D.A. Kolb


     Cradle to Cradle book


    At a recent BRIT Book Study an elementary school educator asked, "how do we talk to our students about the need for cradle to cradle products when their families can barely afford to purchase cradle to grave products? How do we talk about sustainable choices like this without making them feel hopeless?" I consider myself to be an avid and critical reader; however, I probably wouldn't ...

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  • Thursday, April 5, 2012 | Filed under School Garden Installation , School Garden Design , Community , Smart Potatoes

    Each time we approach building a new school garden, one of the first things you will notice is that we need a village to build a great learning garden. We have lots of support from our community to help make a school garden possible and who are critical to our mission of growing successful students in our learning gardens. One of our great community partners is The Brickman Group, a leader in the commercial landscape industry with over 160 branches serving 29 states. A great crew from Brickman, led by Todd Hopkins, recently donated two days of their time ...

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  • Tuesday, April 3, 2012 | Filed under Environmental Stewardship , School Garden Installation , School Garden Design , Science

    REAL School Gardens wishes to recognize Texas Agrilife Extension Services as one of our partners in educating the public regarding Texas water resources. Texas Agrilife has partnered with us in bringing techniques for water conservation to the public schools in which we build learning gardens for inquiry-driven, sensory-based learning.

     With the increased population in Texas, the demand for water has soared and we need to be reminded to respect the available water captured underground and in lakes and utilize it in a practical and useful way.


     A special thank you goes to Dotty Woodson and Jeff Raska of Texas ...

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