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    I recently read this collection of short stories about how a community garden in Cleveland brought a troubled neighborhood together.  Florence is one of the last short stories in the novel, and she shares the simile, “waiting for the snow to melt was like waiting for a glacier to move.” Mr. V (REAL School Gardens Educator) shared this morning that that this has been one of the coldest winters in a century.  Resources like this novel can help you plan to use the schoolyard once the snow melts.

    This Teacher Study Guide (grades 3 – 6) can be ...

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    One special project that REAL School Gardens does with our school partners is our Smart Potatoes Initiative.  For Smart Potatoes, participating schools have children spend 100 days growing potatpotato in handoes, charting their progress, making predictions, and graphing their results.  This year, REAL School Gardens has 40 schools participating!  Once the potatoes are grown and harvested, children donate them to local food pantries, learning that it feels great to give to those in need.  If you're interested in doing your own Smart Potatoes program at your school, our lesson plans are below.   Pictures and more details from previous years can ...

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