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  • Wednesday, March 26, 2014 | Filed under Environmental Stewardship , Science


     Who knew that the physical properties and components of soil would be so all encompassing. This 1st grade student takes to the wonders of soil while viewing it through a loupe magnifier. She is learning to determine that soil particles have size, texture and color, and discovers soil is nonliving but has living components. In the outdoor classroom a student can observe, compare and describe the attributes of the medium they manipulate


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    I am a bilingual first grade teacher, my students are Hispanic and I love them.

    Every day is a challenge for me. I have economically disadvantaged students that struggle with  psychological problems and health issues.

    I need to be creative to teach them and not just give them information or explain a concept.

    Fortunately I have tools to teach in my classroom such as manipulatives, notebooks, books and technology.

    I cannot complain about resources, but I was missing an important element, nature.

    circle gardenLuckily, several months ago, Ms. Birdsong presented the garden project to us and I was really excited.

    Several ...

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    KERA’s American Graduate initiative recently discussed the importance of STEM  in our educational landscape.  

    A panel of technology business leaders proclaimed that STEM competencies are a direct link to effective preparation for workforce ready young professionals.  The THINK discussion presented a common theme that teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills need to be incorporated within STEM instruction because “teky” students  usually struggle with social skills when they enter the workforce. 

    So, when we planned our native paint making lesson at the first annual Dallas STEM day, we aimed to embed social skills along with district STEM curriculum objectives. students making rock paint

    Students ...

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