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      Pre-K students found that the garden was full of shapes.  One student found that the heart-shaped leaf from the bean plant stuck to her clothes.  So, this learning experience will stay in her heart. 
      This 4th grade journal shows how a scavenger hunt can act as a review at the end of the year or a baseline to see what your students know at the beginning of the year. Students use tools like thermometers, cloud viewers, hand lenses, magnets, and measuring tapes to learn with their hands not just their heads.  I was amazed by how many questions ...

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    REAL School Gardens is searching for a passionate, innovative educator in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area to play an active role in our mission to create learning gardens that grow successful students. This position will report to the Program Director.  View the printable PDF.


    •  Planning, scheduling, and delivering Professional Development
    •  Supporting special events and programming
    •  Writing lesson plans and modules in multiple content areas using the 5E instructional model
    •  Developing and cultivating relationships at the school level to ensure learning gardens are embedded in each school’s culture
    •  Encouraging and increasing school participation in regional programming, including events website, ...

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    Using the Life Science Trait Cards to help deepen student understanding of plant inherited traits and adaptations. Let students tape in real plants, so they can gain ownership in their learning.

    Before creating garden characters with natural objects collected in the garden, these kinder students practiced how to use the math symbols <, >, and =. 

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