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Seed Stars: Training that Matters

Educators and other professionals across sectors have likely experienced job-related training.  How much of it is awesome?  How much of it did you sit through thinking, "I could be grocery shopping!"  At REAL School Gardens we have participated in-and conduct a lot of-training.  So, we are always asking ourselves, "What makes training matter?"  For educators, research suggests the following:

  • Teachers train in teams (with other teachers they work with regularly)
  • Administrators participate in training alongside teachers.
  • Training is "on the job", situated in the context which teachers find themselves daily.
  • Opportunities to reflect on teaching practices with colleagues.
  • Coaching.  Having someone who helps you to implement new practices.

We strive to provide training for educators that meets these criteria and another as well...FUN!!!  At our latest training, with T.A. Sims Elementary School in Fort Worth, TX we had a blast.  The training mirrored the above promising practices:

  • We trained the entire teaching staff-45 educators
  • The Principal, Assistant Principal, and Dean of Instruction all participated. (AP Benavidez is pictured practicing journal strategies to use with students)
  • Training took place in their own school garden-not offsite a a place they will never teach children
  • We had time to reflect as a whole group and with partners about our practices and how gardens support our instructional goals
  • We will follow-up with with our Teacher to Teacher trainings where we provide coaching and model teaching with students present

For more information regarding how your school can participate in REAL School Gardens training, contact Scott Feille


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Comments  2

  • Camino Real Middle School Students 04 Apr

    Hello, we are middle school media students who are trying to make a difference in school health and active living. We would like to fund a garden at our school. We are making a film for the H.E.A.L. (Healthy eating and active living) that will hopefully qualify for a film contest. We would like for a school with success as yours to help us out by sending us a short one to two minute film explaining how the garden has helped your school.

    Camino Real Middle school
  • REAL School Gardens 11 Apr

    Here is a link to our YouTube channel.  Good luck with your film project!
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