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Potato Power!

One special project that REAL School Gardens does with our school partners is our Smart Potatoes Initiative.  For Smart Potatoes, participating schools have children spend 100 days growing potatpotato in handoes, charting their progress, making predictions, and graphing their results.  This year, REAL School Gardens has 40 schools participating!  Once the potatoes are grown and harvested, children donate them to local food pantries, learning that it feels great to give to those in need.  If you're interested in doing your own Smart Potatoes program at your school, our lesson plans are below.   Pictures and more details from previous years can be found in this blog entry.

Expert Tip! 

Our educator Ellen says that for Texas, they start around Valentines Day and use Red LaSoda seed potatoes.  Grow them in simple raised beds or grow sacks with loose soil.   Remember that soil can also be layered on top to get more potatoes growing.  

Lesson Plans

Introducing Potatoes/ Plants that Grow Food 

Planting Potatoes/ Meeting Plant Needs 

Potato Plant Growth Rate Patterns 

Plant Processes and Food Energy

Harvesting Potatoes Sizes Numbers Weight

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