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The wait is over!

North Texas Giving Day is coming, and with it, REAL School Gardens is hosting another FUN-fundraiser to celebrate our amazing supporters.

After last year’s success with “Buggin’ Out” (you people really like to watch Scott Feille eat those exoskeletons don’tcha?), we put a lot of thought, research, planning and expert analysis into this years’ theme.  In the process, we’ve discovered that in addition to watching someone else eat bugs, people also like to watch things without wings take flight…and then go SPLAT.

And thus, our “Fling-a-Thing” was born!  To celebrate those who donate to REAL School Gardens during this year’s North Texas Giving Day, our fearless Regional Director Scott Feille will use a three-person slingshot (and any other cool device he can find – anyone got a trebuchet handy?) to hurl compostable materials at a compost bin/target.  Rotting produce? Yes.  Manure? Sure.  Coffeegrounds and eggshell slop from the bottom of the trash?  Absolutely!  Leftover Jell-o? (Despite popular opinion, there is not always room for Jell-o) Whatever!  It’s all going airborne.  Possibly to the soundtrack of Frozen’s “Let it go!” or R. Kelly’s “I believe I can fly.” 

On September 18th, every donation will trigger a flinging, in the hopes that over the course of the day we’ll receive enough gifts to fill our compost bin!  Once an hour, we’ll videotape one of our more spectacular launches and post it online so our supporters can keep track of our progress toward our new goal. Along the way, we’ll share lessons around projectiles and composting. 

As always, at REAL School Gardens, we’re all about getting folks engaged, so if you’d like to participate and have us fling your mother’s overcooked Brussels sprouts, please contact Alison Risso at  Or, if you’d like to issue a challenge-grant for each thing flung, contact Sarah Geer at

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