Holiday Heights Elementary School

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5221 Susan Lee Lane
North Richland Hills, TX 76180


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These photos are from the Holiday Heights Elementary School's garden design charrette which was held on Thursday October 28, 2010.  This event was attended by over 345 educators, school administrators, parents, children and community members.


February 19, 2011 


Holiday Heights Learning Garden Design 


 2011 REAL School Gardens Community Outreach Award For Potato Scholars


  • Suzy Peacock Friendship Circle
  • Medtronic Foundation
  • Water Gardens Galore (skilled labor)

Special thanks to Holiday Heights Elementary for hosting REAL School Gardens' REAL People Community Event on May 10, 2012.


I just had to write a quick note to tell you about yesterday.  I went out to get something out of the shed and when I got to the garden it was loaded with kids all over the place!  Two kids came running up to me squealing in delight over the carrot that they just picked, there were kids up in the tree house reading, kids sitting in the middle of the “flower” writing in their journals, kids trying to catch the gold fish with their hands in the pond, kids showing me where our bunny has been living, kids picking lettuce and onions and putting them in a little baggie so they could make a salad when they got home!  It was such a gorgeous day and I was so glad at how our garden is being used! Ya’ll would have been proud of what you and RSG have made possible for our kids! - Barbara Leonard, Physical Education


Our second grade students at Holiday Heights Elementary planted a variety of vegetables in late summer and early fall including bak choy (pak choi), collards, onions, garlic, lettuce, carrots, and snap peas. Most of these vegetables are still making their way through our mild Texas winter and waiting to grow a bit more before harvesting. However we recently had a drawing that students could enter to take some vegetables home for the table. All they had to do was bring in a recipe for bak choy or collard greens and their name went into the hat for a drawing.  The winners reported back that they really enjoyed the greens that they cooked at home!

Thank you Real School Gardens for helping us realize our dream of having an outdoor classroom the entire school and community can enjoy. - Scott Smith



“I’d been coming to this school since kindergarten, and I’d never seen that area as anything more than a field of grass, now I can hardly remember what it looked like before we had our garden.  This garden has definitely changed my outlook on learning, specifically science.”- 5th grader