Dr. Barbara Jordan Elementary School

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1111 West Kiest Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75224


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REAL School Gardens welcomes Dr. Barbara Jordan Elementary as a new program partner beginning in the 2012-2013 school year.



From applications and interviews...
This school was very detailed in how they want to measure improvement in academic performance:

“students will perform better on formal/informal assessments that have the specified TEKS that we are covering with the garden”

"The Real School Garden lessons were very informative and I know that I have better knowledge on how to use the garden and a tool for success in my classroom. All the lessons were captivating for our little kinder scholars and they met the teks.  It was a pleasure to learn from you." - Teacher

"The school garden has been a great experience.  All of the lessons kept the students actively engaged in learning.  The students enjoyed having class in the garden and they look forward to having many more. Thanks for showing us how the garden can be a great tool for learning Math and Science." -Teacher

"Thank you so much for helping my students  see that there is more to a garden than just air and earth.  When my students are in the garden, they seem to burst with excitement and  have a true willingness to investigate and explore.  The garden is full of endless possibilities for teaching and learning. I do plan to continue to provide my students with the opportunity to experience the garden as another classroom for their other subjects." -Teacher


April 27, 2013


Dr. Barbara Jordan Learning Garden Design


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