Esperanza "Hope" Medrano Elementary School

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2221 Lucas Drive
Dallas, TX 75219


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REAL School Gardens welcomes Esperanza "Hope" Medrano Elementary as a new program partner beginning in the 2012-2013 school year.  




Personalized thank you cards from Medrano students to pass through donors from their Big Dig


Medrano students during their T2T lesson learning about changing seasons

From applications and interviews...

In their application, they were very detailed in outlining how teachers would use the garden to teach a variety of subject and curriculum, but they did not lose sight :

“Sometimes simple pleasures are the best; what a wonderful setting just to read a story, or to hold a class discussion: our very own garden!”


April 13, 2013


Esperanza "Hope" Medrano Learning Garden Design


Special thanks to those who help to keep our garden growing: 


The Junior Group of the Marianne Scruggs Garden Club


With additional support from: