Alex Sanger Elementary School

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8410 San Leandro Drive
Dallas, TX 75218


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Sanger students during a Chipotle guacamole demonstration

                     Sanger Garden Enhancement with VHA Inc.

The sundial at Alex Sanger Elementary School


 Photo credit: Pheba Thomas


 Photo credit: Pheba Thomas

 Photo credit: Pheba Thomas

Girl holds a shovel at Alex Sanger Elementary School

Teamwork at Alex Sanger Elementary School

Installation Date

Spring 2010


Alex Sanger Learning Garden Design

Special thanks to Alex Sanger Elementary for hosting REAL School Gardens' REAL People Networking Event on February 24, 2010.

Master Gardener volunteer Katrina Moran has provided a list of areas where support for Sanger Elementary's REAL school garden would be beneficial. Please contact her, if you would like to help! (

1.  Volunteers- (volunteer coordinator) To join us on various Saturdays with your kids to maintain and improve the space.  I would love to see people up there every Saturday, eventually.  The more the merrier!

2.  Donate water wise/drought tolerant plants (plant coordinator- who accepts donations and keeps log of plants) to add to the garden and school landscape (must be labeled/identified for us to use).  We want to keep an accurate log of all species on the property for educational purposes.

3.  Lay bricks and stepping stones. (Hardscape project coordinator) We really want to install these permanently.  If anyone knows how to do this or knows someone who will do it for us, please let me know (think of talented skilled parent, neighbor, eagle scout, landscaper etc.) Thanks to Molly Walters for donating bricks so we can actually complete this project!

4.  Attain and install a rain harvesting system. (Coordinator needed) Any ideas regarding fundraising or sponsorship would be helpful.  

5.  Gardeners-Splitting and replanting plants already in the garden and adding plants to the garden.

6.  Weeding, weeding, weeding!  Anytime you can swing by and pick a weed we'd be grateful!

7.  Planters (Ideally we need someone to adopt these planters as their own) at the two school entrances need to be replenished with drought tolerant plants.

8.  Summer support (Summer volunteer coordinator and volunteer labor coordinator) to maintain the two gardens, roses in the planter and the planters around the school is needed.  The vegetables in the garden will just be getting started and if the interest is there to maintain the garden throughout the summer, a bountiful harvest could be made and the kids will have a garden to come back to in the fall.  This would require a team of people to take turns gardening, watering and harvesting all summer,(not an easy task to coordinate). Depending on what the team decides--the vegetables can go home with those who maintain the garden or you can donate them to a local food bank or shelter--they always need fresh veggies.  Anyone interested in coordinating this, let me know!

9.  Create a bird habitat using the bird baths in a creative esthetic way. I'd like to add bird houses too.  Our house in the Real School Garden has a tenant already (coordinator needed)

10. Create a butterfly garden. (coordinator needed) Does anyone have any milk weed to donate?  Monarchs consume milk weed.  Wouldn't that be cool for our kids to see the migration?  What about passion vine for the orange flittery butterfly??