Morningside Elementary School

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2601 Evans Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104


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A view of the garden at Morningside Elementary School

A picture of the dinosaur mural at Morningside Elementary School


Installation began in 1998


2011 - Inaugural President's Award, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History



"At Morningside Elementary School our garden is brimming with wonderful fruits and vegetables - not to mention the most beautiful flowers to be found! As students tend the garden, they find that they are not only growing plants, but their character as well. The responsibility of caring for a garden plot carries over into other areas of our students' academic lives. As they learn that a plant needs certain things to thrive and survive, so do they! Every action (or lack of action) has a reaction in the garden - and that is a truth that is reflected in our daily life! Students feasted on the produce they grew. They sold plants they propagated in our greenhouse to raise money to help sustain our beautiful garden. The money students earn at our plant sales sustain our lush environment. These gifts the children earn are worked for  - just as their academic achievements are earned. We not only grew beautiful plants and flowers this school year at Morningside - we grew responsible, committed, and caring individuals!" - Caroline Hill, Special Interest Program Coordinator