Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary School

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501 Missouri Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104


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A view of the garden wall at Van Zandt Guinn Elementary School

Van Zandt-Guinn fountain and mural



Spring 2004


2011 REAL School Gardens Community Outreach Award for Grace Event Support


Special thanks to those who keep our garden growing: 

After-School Garden Club

Mustard Greens

Photo Credit: Matthew Rainwater


"I have been working at VZG for over 10 years as a librarian assistant. I was very excited when our late principal, Dr. Goines saw the vision to educate children in an outdoor/hands on learning atmosphere and set up a gardening program. I love gardening so she put me in charge of coordinating with teacher's science lessons and the garden. Classes took on responsibilities of growing certain vegetables. Teachers let the students taste their harvest, students took vegetables home for parents to cook. Through these years some students have showed me an extra interest in gardening, some have stated that they want to be a horticulturist or scientist.
I set up a garden club that meets once a week for those students interested in expanding their gardening knowledge. It is so rejuvenating to hear students asking about different kinds of plants and the ecosystem that keeps these plants alive. Their faces light up when they dig up worms and find ladybugs and they tell me the importance of these in our garden. Van Zandt-Guinn was very excited when Real School Gardens informed us that Grace restaurant was using "school grown" vegetables. The school has worked together to get the vegetables planted and the garden club has maintained the beds to be sure our vegetables are just what the chef needs. I hope that more community projects can be set up to utilize our gardening program here at Van Zandt-Guinn." - Ginger Cary, Librarian

Special thanks to the After-School Garden Club who is growing beautiful and organic produce to share with GRACE Restaurant for the November 12, 2010 fundraising event.