Sallye Moore Elementary School

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3150 Waterwood Drive
Grand Prairie, TX 75052


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 A picture of the garden entry sign at Sallye Moore Elementary School

Photo (above): Bob Fitch, Grand Prairie Reporter

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March 4, 2010


Sallye Moore Learning Garden Design


  • Congratulations to 5th grade math/science teacher Sammy Wren who was named 2010 Keep Texas Beautiful's 2nd place Sadie Ray Graff award winner in recognition for his exceptional environmental education work. 


Special thanks to those who keep our garden growing: 

Sallye Moore Earth Science Station_small 


"To me, the biggest impact [of our REAL school garden] has been getting teachers outdoors.  There are many teachers who did not really have a positive attitude about teaching outside that now take their class out on a regular basis.  It is easy to get kids excited, but it is even harder to get adults excited.  If the teachers get excited about going outdoors for different lessons, then the students are going to reap the benefits.  I feel a sense of ownership and pride has been attained by many of the students and staff....

Another impact that I have seen in the creative use of the garden.  Most teachers thought of it as an extension of the Science Lab, but I have seen just as much Math, Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies and even mentoring going on in the garden.  It has been used for tutoring after school and for Saturday School.  The Assistant Principal even used it as a cool-down place for students to 'soak up' experiences and learn by the things they see, hear and touch.  Our TAKS passing rate this year was 98% with a Commended rate of 57%.  I feel that those numbers will only increase." - Sammy Wren, 5th grade teacher