Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy

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Musical performance at Thurgood Marshall
A view of the garden at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School
A picture of the dig in at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School


The dig-in at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School


February 27, 2010


Thurgood Marshall Learning Garden Design

Congratulations to Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy for receiving Keep Texas Beautiful's 1st place Sadie Ray Graff award in 2010, recognized for its outstanding recycling efforts and overall environment programs that include a newly installed REAL school garden.


Special thanks to those who help to keep our garden growing:


Spotlight: Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy's Earth Science Station, a REAL School Gardens blog posting 


"As a community and a school, designing, planning and building a garden has created a feeling of togetherness.  We all have the same purpose and that was creating an amazing outdoor learning environment for our students.  Because of our building a garden, parent involvement has increased tremendously."

"Our school currently has a garden committee consisting of seven faculty members and one parent.  We have met many times last year to plan and organize Design Day and Build Day.  As a committee we wanted so much for the whole school to be part of the creation of our garden.  We decided to have a Garden Pep Rally in order to inform students about what was happening at our school this year as well as to pump them up to be a part of the process.  We wrote a song titled, 'We Built this Garden' and even made bookmarks to hand to each student so they would remember to come to design night.  The garden committee also discussed how the garden should be shared and to work together to engage others to use the garden.  We also have a Science Club for 4th and 5th graders that works in the garden."

" - Karrie Goff, 5th Grade Science Teacher


"I grew up in a small town and I knew what all the trees were, but here my son does not.  [The garden] is a good experience for him."


Special thanks to Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy for hosting the November 4, 2010 REAL People Community-Building Event, which was a great success.