Coaching Center

Now it’s even easier for teachers at partner schools to effectively lead our proven project-based outdoor lessons, because REAL School Gardens has created an interactive professional development site.

The Coaching Center

  • Allows teachers to easily view all our lessons on any device at any time
  • Empowers teachers to quickly find lessons for their grade, subject, and standard
  • Enables teachers to scroll through short, clear, and descriptive step-by-step lessons based on the proven 5E instructional model.
  • Streams helpful how-to videos of model teaching sessions and outdoor teaching techniques
  • Shares proven tips and tricks to ensure effective instruction for every lesson
  • Connects teachers with Instructional Coaches directly for questions, comments, and support
  • Builds a community of educators who share best practices, bubble up common challenges and solutions, and create new hands-on outdoor lessons

Check out sample lessons!

Teachers rave about our in-person professional development program, and now the Coaching Center provides partner schools with a new level of service.

  • On-demand professional development
    • Even before our one-on-one instructional coaching sessions begin, any teacher at a partner school can access the lessons and teaching technique videos and get started leading more engaging hands-on outdoor lessons.
  • Expanded educator communities
    • In addition to connecting with our Instructional Coaches, teachers can also share their thoughts with their peers at other partner schools, highlighting best practices, and sharing their successes with colleagues across the state and across the country.
  • “Garden” fresh content and resources
    • Each of our Instructional Coaches regularly creates new lessons to help teachers address new standards and challenges. The Coaching Center makes that new content instantly accessible to all teachers at all our partner schools.
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